Speed Training - What is Natural Speed in Sports?

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Natural speed in sports has to do with the natural abilities and talents that athletes have even before he or she starts playing any sport.

They seem to be able to have this perfect communication between their mind and body in order for them to achieve the level of speed that they want in training and during competition.

The elite or champion athletes seem to have this natural ability or talents that work for them on a consistent basis. Although they do experience problem at times in achieving and maintain their speed level, they seem to be able to control it without even knowing how they do it.

Although the elite or champion athlete can control their speed the majority of the time they still experience training and performance slumps when it comes to speed because they can't control this speed performance to the level that they want.

This creates a big problem for them because they'll start to train harder, get into great physical condition, train their movements and techniques for thousands of times and then they'll hope that their speed problem will eventually work itself out.

Although they have a faster recovery time to get their speed back on track, they still don't know how and when it will adjust itself for them. Basically they are at the mercy of chance or luck because they have absolutely no control over this process.

Now the other 99% of athletes will have a longer and sometimes won't be able to recover at the right time and place in solving their speed problems because they don't have this natural ability of talent to enable them to overcome this problem as fast as the elite or champion can.

So the elite or champion athlete can recover faster and overcome speed problems and the rest of the athletes will recover in a longer period of time.

Basically both elite and regular athletes face speed problems almost on a daily basis and they desperately want to be able to eliminate this problem as fast as possible.

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Speed Training - What is Natural Speed in Sports?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03