Speed Training - Fast and Slow Twitch Muscles For Speed?

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There is some information that what determines the ability to generate the optimal amounts of speed is produced if your have fast twitch muscles. If you have slow twitch muscles then your speed potential will be reduced.

Again this is all based on the individual athlete and I feel that this myth of fast and slow twitch muscles is completely wrong.

If you are a natural athlete that has natural inborn talents then you're probably going to be able to achieve maximum levels of speed automatically and it doesn't have anything to do with how fast your muscles can contract when doing your movements or techniques.

Although it's more natural for elite or champion athletes to achieve and maintain peak levels of speed in their sport, the other 99% of athletes will have a harder time to overcome speed problems. The average athlete will have to work even harder to achieve and maintain their speed.

When they experience speed problems, they'll resort to training harder, getting in better physical shape, training their movements and techniques for thousands of times and HOPE that they'll be able with time to get out of their training and performance slump and get back on track in their speed training.

So the theory is if you have fast twitch muscle then you'll have a better chance of having and achieving peak levels of speed in your sport. And if you have slow twitch muscles this will prevent you form achieving faster speed in your movements and techniques.

I don't really believe this fast or slow twitch muscle thing because with over 16 years of research in the areas of speed, timing and reflex.

I've developed some key information that enables any athlete and it doesn't matter if they are an elite, champion or just a regular person, they'll be able to instantly increase their speed level on a consistent level by using and simple technique.

This technique is based on information that has been around for over 1,000 years but nobody until now knew how to harness this knowledge in producing the level of speed that athletes want.

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Speed Training - Fast and Slow Twitch Muscles For Speed?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03