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I know what you are thinking. Facebook is a terrible website when it comes to uploading your pics. It often takes a few minutes to add your photographs, often your connection drops part way through or it just freezes. What if I said it is all your fault but with a tiny bit of knowledge and skills you'll start to upload pictures to Facebook and also build a Facebook gallery with blazing speed.

What you should understand is that your web service provider doesn't allow the exact same upload speeds as it does the download speeds. Most frequently your upload speed will only be approximately one tenth the rate of speed of the downloads. I'm guessing after years of using high speed internet you were never informed of this fact. That is simply because most people hardly ever upload files to the internet but often download. Every single website you check out you are required to get the image on your computer.

Well you're most certainly feeling disappointed when trying to create a Facebook photo gallery and are wondering how it is possible to solve this problem. Yes you can change your internet service provider and get one that will allow faster upload rates of speed but that's costly because generally only organizations are interested in paying for faster upload rates of speed.

The answer is to change the size of your pics. The cameras of today are fantastic. They simply blow away the quality of cameras only ten years old. Perhaps you have opened the photographs with MS Paint? If you have, you already know that just a small fraction of the photo is shown on screen and the rest you have to scroll over or down to see. Most picture viewing software programs modify the size of the photographs automatically so it actually fits your screen so you never notice it's too big to fit the screen. So why wouldn't you decrease the size so it fits your screen without the need for other software to automatically do it to suit your needs?

In case you were to change the size to simply fit the monitor while viewing it with MS Paint you'll decrease the size to ten percent of the initial size. That means you can upload the photo ten times more quickly. Remember that you lose pretty much no quality simply because it was too large to actually fit the screen anyway. This technique is really useful when you would like to create a Facebook gallery with a lot of photographs.
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Facebook Gallery

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This article was published on 2011/01/17