A Look At The Speed Camera Detector

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The speed camera detector is highly in debate these days. As law enforcement is looking for a way to better control the number of speeding motorists that are out on the highway, one of the tools they prefer to use is the speed camera detector and it has been implemented in many parts of the world. These speed cameras have been gradually introduced to a world that mostly opposes the idea. Many consider it an intrusion on their personal privacy and a little too much control by the government.

The UK was the first to use these speed trap devices, followed by a few other countries and states in the US. The legislation to approve the speed camera detectors in the United States has been a subject of some debate, rising stiff controversies, but by 2010, twelve of the fifty states had elected to begin using them.

Some will suggest that these speed camera devices are handy little moneymakers for the states that use them. But this is not the reason that they are used. Research has proven that the speed camera detector actually slows traffic down. The speed cameras do a good job of being on duty at all times; something that the law enforcement can not do, and some say that if they save even one life, they are worth it.

However, another issue has now risen to the forefront concerning the speed camera detector. The accuracy of the speed camera has been questioned for years, and now some studies have actually proven that they really are not as accurate as originally thought.

In Australia, authorities admitted to a major fault in one of their traffic speed cameras that had resulted in over 900 tickets being handed out to innocent drivers. The same has occurred in many various cases throughout the world. Some research in Germany where speed camera detectors were tested actually proved that the cameras were not accurate when they measured differing speeds for cars that were all traveling at the same speed in real time.

It was discovered that the slightest variation such as angle or other factor could actually affect the accuracy of the speed detectors reading. This fact makes the speed cameras highly unpredictable. There are many reports of drivers receiving tickets when they were actually innocent, and quite a few lawsuits are pending because of this very issue.

In the UK, a motorcyclist was actually able to prove that the speed enforcement equipment was faulty. Bogus speed camera citations have forced many areas to refund hundreds of speeding tickets at a time. It seems that overall they are highly unpredictable pieces of equipment.

When it is looked into, there are actually hundreds and possibly thousands of cases involving innocent motorists or cyclists being issued tickets by a faulty speed camera detector. Some received a ticket that belonged to someone else owning a similar car. Others received tickets when they were far below the speed limit, and a few got a ticket from an area where they never even visited.

While in many cases it seems the speed camera detectors are more of a frustration than anything. They are often faulty and overall unpredictable, and with so many opposing their use, they have caused a major uproar.

In Arizona, the speed cameras were disabled after severe vandalism and a shooting incident by some outraged citizens who overreacted about the equipment. Yet the speed camera detector does encourage drivers to slow down and be aware of their speed, saving lives, which is perhaps the most important fact in the long run.

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A Look At The Speed Camera Detector

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This article was published on 2010/09/11